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  • 12 2024-07

    Working principle of centrifugal pump

    Main working principle:
    (1) The impeller is driven by the pump shaft to rotate, the fluid located between the blades to do work, the fluid by centrifugal effect, by the impeller c......

  • 08 2023-12

    Safe usage method of screw pump

    1、 Shutdown of screw pump

    When the screw pump is stopped, the discharge stop valve should be closed first, and the suction stop valve should be closed after the pump is complete......

  • 16 2023-11

    The role of drilling blowout preventers

    Drilling blowout preventers can generally be divided into several types: single ram, double ram, universal (annular), and rotary blowout preventers.

  • 17 2023-10

    Application of flow meters

    Flow measurement is one of the components of metrology science and technology, which is closely related to national economy, national defense construction, and scientific research.......

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